Drone Swarm 0.5

Welcome back on another update for my little prototype, Drone Swarm! You can download and play it from itch.io!

This is a really big update and I'm going in the right direction for this game, so let's see:

  •     improved menus with basic explanation (I've mentioned it before on my last game update here)
  •     balanced drones spawn speed for player and AI (thanks to meva!)
  •     added a warm up time for AI, so player can understand each levels (3 seconds for now!)
  •     loaded levels from json files
  •     3 new levels
  •     a basic star field as background
  •     a win screen (finally !)

Seems not too much, but  this changes moves Drone Swarm from a prototype to a real game!

Adding level definition in an external file let me build a lot of different levels configurations and using awesome libgdx Json library reading, parsing and using into the game is really easy, well done guys!

What about next steps? I'd like to get some feedback guys! I want to add more levels with different configuration and play with AI until I'm satisfied, but more importantly I'd like to add more unlockable units so more difficult levels will be, more weapons player has.

See you on next update!


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Dec 29, 2017

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