0.0.5 fixing bugs

Welcome on a new update for Infiltration, an asymmetric evil god simulator (prototype so far!).
In this release I have solved some problems reported on running the game, more specifically on windows. This time there is an executable (.exe file) for windows and a .jar file for linux or mac. I have also included all resources inside the archive, so any problem related to not able to load external resources will be solved!
I have to say thanks to Rowan for his support on enhance game's text fixing typos and more in general grammar. I'm sure with your evocative words now game could be even more interesting and fun! Thanks!


Infiltration-0.0.5-win.zip 2 MB
Aug 05, 2018
Infiltration-0.0.5-other.zip 2 MB
Aug 05, 2018

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