1.0.0 Hidden horrors

Welcome back with Infiltration!

This release is marked 1.0.0 because is my launch as "final prototype" of my game vision. You can find it incomplete, you can find it horrible, but I have made this prototype on my free time with a single goal: learn.

I have learned a lot and I will share some toughts on my path on some next dev logp, for now, let's focus on this release!


- fixed some bugs on hidden pois
- added fight in hidden poi between player's agent and an horror to unconver secret knowledge
- disabled log for all pois, now player must select to see something changing

As always I'm open for comments, ideas. Even if this is a prototype any thoughts is appreciated, see you soon!


Infiltration-1.0.0-win.zip 2 MB
Mar 18, 2019
Infiltration-1.0.0-linux-mac.zip 2 MB
Mar 18, 2019

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