0.0.8 Roads and trips

Welcome back on this Ancient evil prototype, Infiltration!

First let me thank players that provide me with feedback! Thanks! I really appreciate any feedback, report and ideas, so feel free to share your ideas!

This version is another step on the conclusion of this prototype, because I have a clear set of features I want to provide to players: in this case, roads and trips.

This is something bobby2hands with Shadowss Behind the throne has addressed for sure better than me: let npc move around and do actions.
In this release I have created the foundation of this concept, where an npc can move betwen cities following connections, so for example the kingdom capital, Theros is connected with any other cities of the kingdom. I know that from graphical point of view this is more than rudimental, but again is a prototype: I need to test mechanics and features together, so here we are. An npc can move between cities if has at least 2 money on his pocket and no control on a district or corrupted by a player. At start this is something caotic, but with some interventation from player this will become more stable.. and exploitable maybe?

I have fixed many bugs, but one in particular was very strange: a corrupted npc can investigate against player. I mean, a fully controlled one.. not so fun, right? At least for me, feel free to share your ideas on the topic!

I have decided also to use some awesome icons from Lorc free set here, https://opengameart.org/content/700-rpg-icons

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