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A turn based single player asymmetric game where player take control of an ancient one and manipulate the world · By gornova


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1.0.0 Hidden horrors
Welcome back with Infiltration! This release is marked 1.0.0 because is my launch as "final prototype" of my game vision. You can find it incomplete, you can fi...
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0.0.9 Go down that road
A new update for my prototype! "Go down that road" open up new possibilities for player to command corrupted humans, with a simple, but powerful new interface (...
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0.0.8 Roads and trips
Welcome back on this Ancient evil prototype, Infiltration ! First let me thank players that provide me with feedback! Thanks! I really appreciate any feedback...
0.0.7 Challenge and tag system
In this release 0.0.7 for my prototype, Infiltration, I've worked to add a new foundamental system, tagging, that interact with various elements in the game. Th...
open design points
Inspired by tag discussions on bay12forum , I want to share some thoughts about future directions for this prototype. I've written before that scope for this pr...
0.0.6 explain it better!
Welcome back for a new release of Infiltration an ancient evil prototype! In this version I've worked on many feedback I've been received on version 0.0.4 and...
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0.0.5 fixing bugs
Welcome on a new update for Infiltration, an asymmetric evil god simulator (prototype so far!). In this release I have solved some problems reported on running...
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0.0.4 living cities
Living cities is the name for Infiltration fourth update. I've put in past months some effort in create a simulation in order to make and feel the game more "al...
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